Monday, January 21, 2008

Chubby chucked

The little one got a checkup at the doctor's on Friday, and everything is going perfectly so far. We heard a strong heartbeat, and we asked the important questions, such as "Do foot rubs cause premature contractions?" (To Jennifer's relief, the answer was "no.") At the end of the checkup, though, we got some devastating news. As Jennifer twisted herself to get her shoes in back of her, the doctor frowned and said, "you shouldn't do that."

Imagine how crushed we were to hear that! After all, just four short years ago, Jennifer and I were finalists in a twisting contest at Stephanie & Chuck's wedding. But Friday, twisting was added to the long list of things Jennifer cannot do.

So when we got home, we smashed most of our Chubby Checker CD's. No more The Twist, Let's Twist Again, Slow Twistin', Twistin' at the Funeral, or our more recent favorite, Twistin' 'Cause You're Pregnant. We kept Limbo Rock because the doc didn't say anything to stop Jennifer from limboing, thank goodness.

This weekend we also began our search for a new apartment. No luck so far. Either the apartments we like are in bad neighborhoods, or they have knives coming out of the floorboards, and we just don't think that's safe for a newborn. We're optimistic, though, that we'll soon find something we like.

Monday, January 14, 2008

What Baby wants, Baby gets

We're back from our week in North Carolina. We had a great time celebrating Christmas with Jennifer's side of the family, and the little one seemed to enjoy it, too, having kicked Jennifer a few times before the flight home. He or she was apparently showing approval of the trip, or throwing a temper tantrum over leaving the warm south (the latter is highly unlikely, since our child will never throw a fit like that... right?).

Jennifer didn't feel any strong cravings this time around. During our last trip to Carolina, on Thanksgiving night, the little one DEMANDED sour cream and onion potato chips. Jennifer's parents didn't have any, so we trekked out, through the dark streets of Winston-Salem, searching for the snack, which, of course, wasn't easy to find. CVS didn't have any - plenty of barbecue, but no sour cream and onion. Walgreen's was closed because of the holiday, and so was Harris Teeter. At that point, grabbing a crowbar and breaking in seemed like a good idea - I'm sure the cops would have understood the situation. Fortunately I didn't have to, since we eventually found the snack at a gas station.

Now Jennifer's cravings haven't been as unusual as some of my friends have hoped they'd be. No pickles & peanut butter, or sardines & mayo. Nope - Jennifer has craved foods like apple juice, Starburst candy, and chocolate. She often declares "the baby wants..." before revealing her craving- therefore removing herself from all responsibilty while giving me no choice but to provide. For example: "The baby wants creme brulee... and diamond earrings."

(Above: Some of Jennifer's cravings)

Jennifer is still drinking a lot of apple juice, and having chocolate from time to time, but she says her cravings are, for the most part, a thing of the past. However, since she is eating for two, you can't blame her for having food on the mind. That was evident a little more than a week ago, when we were watching an old episode of Family Feud. The host announced topic of the face-off, which was "Name something that's worth the wait."

Jennifer sat up, and with wide eyes shouted "DESSERT!!!"

Meanwhile, on the TV, the contestant's answer was... "a husband."