Monday, January 21, 2008

Chubby chucked

The little one got a checkup at the doctor's on Friday, and everything is going perfectly so far. We heard a strong heartbeat, and we asked the important questions, such as "Do foot rubs cause premature contractions?" (To Jennifer's relief, the answer was "no.") At the end of the checkup, though, we got some devastating news. As Jennifer twisted herself to get her shoes in back of her, the doctor frowned and said, "you shouldn't do that."

Imagine how crushed we were to hear that! After all, just four short years ago, Jennifer and I were finalists in a twisting contest at Stephanie & Chuck's wedding. But Friday, twisting was added to the long list of things Jennifer cannot do.

So when we got home, we smashed most of our Chubby Checker CD's. No more The Twist, Let's Twist Again, Slow Twistin', Twistin' at the Funeral, or our more recent favorite, Twistin' 'Cause You're Pregnant. We kept Limbo Rock because the doc didn't say anything to stop Jennifer from limboing, thank goodness.

This weekend we also began our search for a new apartment. No luck so far. Either the apartments we like are in bad neighborhoods, or they have knives coming out of the floorboards, and we just don't think that's safe for a newborn. We're optimistic, though, that we'll soon find something we like.