Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prison break

During the past year, Jennifer and I have experienced a lot of firsts with Kyle: baby's first Christmas, baby's first inauguration, and baby's first Super Bowl, including baby's first 3-D commercials.

What happened on Friday, though, was a first we didn't expect to happen this soon. It was early afternoon, and I was sitting in a chair in the nursery as the little guy was seated in his crib. We were having a spirited debate about whether the president's stimulus package needed more infrastructure spending or tax cuts, when all of a sudden Kyle grabbed the crib bars and hoisted himself up to a standing position.

Had I been drinking anything, I would have been the one spitting up. Kyle had never done this before - in fact, we were just getting used to him sitting up on his own. Friday's development has us seriously thinking that it might be time to enroll in a savings plan to buy sneakers, as he'll have to be wearing them soon. It looks like Kyle could be planning to cut short the crawling stage and move right into the run-and-destroy-as-many-things-as-possible-(especially-the-TV) stage.

This development is a mixed blessing. While it's great to see Kyle advance, I'm sure we'll soon be missing out on a behavior we've been enjoying lately. Since he started sitting on his own a short time ago, Kyle has been able to stay in his crib without demanding our attention for well over his previous 5-minute limit. He's become Mommy and Daddy's little prisoner, quietly sitting behind bars until he's taken out to eat whatever slop we have to give him. This has given us some extra time to do important things, such as sleeping or catching up on our favorite TV shows. The rioting has gone down, too. In fact, we were planning to perhaps let him out on good behavior in about 5 years, but then Friday's incident happened.

As far as we know, Kyle has stood only once, but I have seen him try again and again. It's only a matter of time before he's standing all the time, and demanding to be taken out of the crib so he can stand on the floor. As soon as that happens, he'll be running everywhere. Then what's next? I fear it might be high jumps or kickboxing. I'll make sure to hide the TV.

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